Possible Chiltern Bear Found in Bucks England

by Margaret Guest
(Regina, SK, Canada)

Possible early Chiltern bear

Possible early Chiltern bear

My thoughts are that he is an early Chiltern Teddy Bear, possibly my mothers when she was a baby. Found in my grandmothers house in Slough Buckinghamshire England, my Mother was born in 1919. My grandmother died in 1962 and I have loved this bear for the past 50 years.

12 inches tall
Wood chip filling head and body arms feel a bit softer.
Very worn
Eyes replaced by stitching
Nose over stitched
Pads appear to have been covered
Arms go to top of thighs and slightly turn up
Legs have wide thighs and narrow ankles
Three claw stitches
Can feel a growl box but no longer works.


Unfortunately often the yes and nose are one of the main features to identify a bear by. The fact that this lovely bear has been repaired over the years does make it rather difficult to say for sure what make of bear he is.

He could be an early Chiltern bear, he does have the look of a 1938 Hugmee bear , but the ears look a different shape to the early Chiltern bears i have seen. Of course it is possible that his ears have been replaced or re-sewn over the years, which has changed their position on his head.

He certainly does look well loved and I'm sure he has brought many smiles to you and your family over the years. So it doesn't really matter much as to his pedigree as I'm sure you would never want to give him up.

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May 02, 2014
by: Margaret

I submitted the photos to an auction assessor who sent me the following report

I’ve searched through some auction archives of images of Chiltern bears, and some are similar but not identical. Those which have sold are in good condition and have made around the £200/300 mark at auction. I think it is possible this is a Chiltern bear, however in this condition its value would likely be only sentimental.

Nice to know my initial thoughts were probably correct.

Dec 03, 2013
My bear
by: Margaret

Thanks for your input. I can confirm that the ears have never been changed, the plush is still present both inside and behind them. The only repairs are the sewing where the eyes were and over sewing the nose. The pads may also have been recovered. I know my grandmother would not have tried to do any other restoration. 1938 seems too late as there were no children around at that time and my grandmother was not a collector.

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