Possibly 1920's Teddy Bear?

by Jo

golden bear face

golden bear face

Could anyone please help in identifying this bear?

He has been passed through the family, possibly of German origin. It has been handed down through generations. The family members we believe we could have got this from could be either a family member associated with WW2 in Germany, or this bear could be from our side of the family who were based in India, however some of the family have been located in London.

The bear has a fabric nose, shiny button eyes, and a hole in the left ear where a button has been We originally thought this might have been a Steiff teddy bear due to this button hole and the metal rods we think he has in his arms and hips, but have not had him x-rayed so can not be sure.

The size is approx. 26" from ear to toe and it has moveable limbs.

We would love to know if anyone can identify him, or provide any clues as to how we can go about finding out?

Please email me on jo09@hotmail.co.uk if you have any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!! (have our fingers crossed someone can identify him)

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