Possibly German Teddy Bear

by Tess Nottebohm
(Haiku Maui HI)

I have a five inch teddy bear wearing a red felt bonnet that adds another inch to the height. She is also carrying a tiny red felt purse on her right arm. She appears to be made of mohair and has a tiny red heart with a green leaf on each side embroidered on the sole of her left foot. She has moveable arms and legs. She is on a white metal stand.

This appears to be a very old item, but is in excellent condition. I got this small teddy bear from my husband's German mother before she passed away in the early 1980s, so I believe it is German or Austrian.

Other details: the red purse the teddy bear is carrying is slightly faded and has an embroidered flower with leaves on the front. There is also a teeny tiny lace handkerchief peeking out of the top of the purse. There is an old paper tag attached by string to the bear's shoulder which I did not remove, although whatever was written on it has faded completely. There is also a small red heart attached to the back top of the red felt bonnet, as well as an embroidered flowers with leaves on the inside top area of the bonnet.

The teddy bear's eyes appear to be tiny black beads. The nose is embroidered with black thread. The bear's paws hands and feet look hand-stitched. The arms and legs are moveable, as mentioned.

The only thing that does not appear as old
as the rest is a ruffled lace collar around the bear's neck. It is an off-white color with a red ribbon bow. It is further decorated with a tiny porcelain rose. The red ribbons adoring the teddy bear seem newer than every other detail of the bear.

I cannot see any damage or wear to this item at all, with the exception of what appears to be fading of the red felt purse carried by the bear.

I do not understand your rule of this message being a 400 word minimum. I have included every detail in less than 300 words. I simply can not come up with more words, although I am a writer by profession! So I will say that I am appreciative of any help identifying this teddy bear and learning of its value. I am forced to sell it if it has any value, since I am going through a financially challenging time.

I am adding this paragraph to insure that I meet the 400 word minimum. This small, darling, fancy-lady teddy bear would be a beautiful Christmas gift for a little girl or boy. It would make a very special addition to a collection, or possibly the very piece to inspire someone's lifelong joyous collecting of teddy bears.

Please contact me if anyone has interest in purchasing this teddy bear. If you give this bear as a gift, be sure to include a copy of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," a cautionary tale in the great tradition of English fairy tales.

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