Possibly Vintage Winnie-the-Pooh Bear??

by Krystal M
(Everett, WA, USA)

Vintage winnie the Pooh

Vintage winnie the Pooh

His legs and arms are moveable because they are attached by a single piece of thread. Yet they are sturdily held and dont feel flimsy at all.

The outside is soft with a wool like material, almost as soft as fleece. I believe the button is celluloid ivory. The red shirt is felt-like but stiffer.

The bear is surprisingly heavy wearing 13 ounces at 14" long with the legs straight down.

The stuffing feels soft but is fairly stiff and not squishy. His arm is a 1-1/4" and when I gently squeeze my fingers there is still a good solid 3/4"-1" between them and it feels... full.

At the bottom of the belly feels a lot like little beans but its only up to 1-1/2" ar the bottom of the belly, I believe its to keep him weighted to steadily sit upright on his own.

His eyes are glass beads, real beads as you can where one slightly shifted the thread entrance.

He is 10-3/4" when sitting.

And the threads on his nose shift either up and down and temporarily give a look like part of it has worn off.

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