Princess Mononoke

by Sladjicka
(Chicago, IL USA)

I'm not sure who gifted me this bear in approximately 1975-1978 time period in Chicago, Illinois USA. His coat is removable and made of cotton/fake fur rusty brown color with a white collar. When you remove the coat he has red and white striped "pajamas" or birthday suit. He used to have a smile with his tongue sticking out and a plastic brown nose, both long gone. He has white and brown ears, white paws. As you can see the zipper is torn from the fabric but you can still take off his coat. I adore him and was just wondering if anyone had any knowledge about him whatsoever since I'm still just as attached to him now as I was when I was a child. I wrote his name in pen Pappy when I was kid on his striped pajamas but now his name is Medo. Please help me find some information about him.

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