Rainbow Bear with Snowglobe Belly

by Catherine

My rough sketch of bear

My rough sketch of bear

When I was a little girl I was given a bear from a family member that I called Jelly Baby. This bear was about the same size as a beanie baby bear, but was not the same design, so wasn’t a beanie baby. It was very brightly coloured, and had a lot of different colours in an almost splattered design of different rainbow colours around the entirety of the fur. I feel that the main colours were green, yellow, and blue, but I may be mistaken as unfortunately I lost this bear as a child, and have not been able to track it down since. This bear had an almost snowglobe as a belly, an oval shaped window with floating decorative pieces (I can’t remember what these were like, but always reminded of a snowglobe) the inside details of the snowglobe was a little baby bear, which I think may have been yellow. The bear was soft and very well loved, so unfortunately had a few seams that were worse for wear, but was my favourite teddy for most of my childhood. (1999 to around 2007) I have drawn a very silly, rough sketch of what I remember the bear looking like but the colours were definitely differently organised, however it was from memory of a bear lost long ago. So may not be fully representative but is my closest guess. I would really love if anyone could tell me the name of this lovely bear.

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