Red Eye Teddy

by corinne

Red Eye Teddy

Red Eye Teddy

I have a teddy bear that I would like to more about. He is 8 inch tall, short brown fur and dark brown pads. What makes him distinct is his right eye which has red fur around his glass eye. He also wears an ID around his neck but not sure if it belongs to him.

I have acquired him from my aunt who passed in 2012 and as she had no children, I am going through her estate. There are hundreds of Teddy bears along with a variety of other items. The teddy stood out because of his eye. He is probably old.
Does anyone know anything about him?

Are you sure that his eyes are made from glass and not plastic?

I say this because looking at him generally he looks like a bear that was made within the last 40 years.

The dark pads and the way he generally looks says to me that he was probably made during the 60's or afterwards. In which case his eyes would be plastic.

As for the red mark, in my opinion it is discoloration rather than a deliberate coloring. I've never seen a bear with red fur around the eyes especially only one and this suggests to me that it may have been a fault at the factory or perhaps a reaction to sunlight.

If the eyes are glass he may have been made in the 1950's. It is impossible to say which manufacturer unless you have some indication of a label somewhere on his body. Are there any marks on his foot where a label may have been or under his arm?
So many factors can determine a maker. The shape of the body, the materials used etc.

Sorry I could not be of more help.

Best wishes Kate

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Jun 19, 2014
red eye teddy
by: corinne

Thank you for your comment on my red eye teddy. The red eye is not discoloration as he has been in a box of same size teddies since purchased n=by my aunt. She has 100.s of teddies but very few were ever on display. I do not know the reason why that was.
The eyes could be plastic but how do I found out for sure?
Looks like this little mite will stay unknown. I think I,ll keep him but not all my aunts others as I don't have the room like she did!

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