Rescue Bear

by Ursulaseyah
(Anderson, CA USA)

This bear is very hard and made well, I have no idea what he is stuffed with but it’s got to be packed in there good cause he’s solid.

He’s 12 1/2 inches tall, he does not stand on his own.
His arms and legs are fully jointed, his head is stationary he has black stitching for a nose and a single line stitching for a mouth. He has brown and black eyes, one of them is sparkly with silver in it . They are both glass. He’s off white or tan with rather short fur. His fur is all intact no bear spots, pun intended. He sits really well has material on his paws five toes on each with more stitching defining the toes.
He is stitched together at the sides on his body and in line with his eyes on his head.also under his arms.
I found him at a flea mart being given to a chow dog to play with and undoubtably destroy.
I without hesitation took the bear from the dog as he tossed it around in the dirt.
The owner then told me if I wanted it I could have it, as I had not been bitten, and assured me had he trued that move he would be rolling in the dirt try to get it back and surly bitten, IF he could get it at all.
I said Thank You, are you sure I can’t pay you for it? He said no , as I began trying to dust it off clouds of dirt rising up as I held it at arms length turning my head so as not to choke in the cloud.
That was twenty years ago and he’s no worse for wear, he has no rips or tears. I tried a ribbon around his neck he looked like he needed one so it’s not the original.
If anyone knows about how old he is or who made him I would be very interested in knowing as he has no tags, at all. He’s currently up for adoption, can’t keep him in my apartment. Lol

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