Rescued Teddy

by Anna

Old brown bear

Old brown bear

..I bought him at car boot sale. He was spotted, taken out from a pail of... Hm... Garbage and brought home.

He was old, ( the owner said he was given to her 1st Birthday and she is 46 now), looked lost and unhappy and he was unbelievably dirty.
After a good SPA treatment and some face lifting he looks gorgeous))
He is a lovely bear and I am really glad that I could give him a loving home)))


What a great story and thank goodness you rescued this cute bear. I hate to see bears thrown away, it really breaks my heart.

I have a friend who loves to collect teddy bears and I know that a lot of them have been rescued from bins, rubbish areas or simply abandoned bears. She can't resist their sad little faces. All they have ever needed is a good bath and perhaps a little brush up and they look as good as new. Well almost, but then again I like to see a bear that has been loved and lived a life.

Your bear looks like a bear of mine from the 1960's. They were not often jointed and were filled with a solid foam. My bear was all white and even though she has always lived inside , her fur is falling out. Looks like your bear, even though they have been through the wars in the past, has managed to keep all his fur.

Thank you for sharing your bear with us, another happy ending for bear.

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