Rosetta My Red Teddy Bear

by Sharon

Rosetta From Russ Berrie

Rosetta From Russ Berrie

Whenever anyone sees my ‘Rosetta’ Teddy bear the first thing anyone says is "wow, what a great colour!" She certainly is rather eye catching in her raspberry red and glitter plush coat. It may be rather difficult to see the glitter in her plush but it really makes her look dazzling.

"Rosetta" was of course a valentines present from my boyfriend. I guess there are many specially made bears produced for Valentine's Day every year but I think this one from the Russ Berrie Company certainly stands out as one of the most stand out from the crowd I have ever seen.

The plush is also ever so slightly curly to the touch too and this makes her feel very different in your hands. I think these Teddy bears companies are very clever at making their special occasion bears really desirable so that we spend more and money on them. Hey I'm not complaining, i think this teddy bear was worth every penny (my boyfriend) spent.

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