Rosie The Old Grey Teddy Bear

by Marilyn Gray
(Nova Scotia Canada)

Rosie the old teddy bear

Rosie the old teddy bear

Rosie the old teddy bear
Back view of Rosie the old bear
front view of old grey teddy bear

I found "Rosie" (named by my granddaughter) in an old church flea market in one of the oldest early settlements of Canada. There is a lot of history here involving settlements by the French, then the English and eventually the Germans, Irish and Scottish settlers. This bear is a handsome fellow, 28" tall. His colouring is a dull brown thick material (maybe wool of some sort), with a beige nose patch and the same beige material on the bottom of his back paws. The material is worn but I think it would be considered long hair. His arms and legs are long and appear to be stuffed. His legs are sown on the bottom seam of his lower body and his arms are moveable, sewn on with what appears to be wooden buttons at the shoulders - shoulders are about 5" across the buttons. He has the same beige material as a big patch on his whole front and it is stitched on with long brown stiches and odd buttons sewn on randomly down the middle - the same material as his nose and foot patches. He is wearing a removeable plaid vest with rust/red blanket stitch all around the edge. Rosie has a long nose, about 3 inches in length, with a seam down the middle ending under the nose patch and his mouth is brown stitching. His head is approximately 6 inches from the back to the tip of his nose. He is machine stitched across the top of his head between his ears and down the sides of his head to his shoulders. Rosie's head is approximately 6" x 6" and his ears are set about 2 1/2" apart. They are the same brown material and measure 3" wide by 2". His eyes are buttons sewn on. From his chin to the bottom of the front patch it is about 10" to his protruding belly. His body is kind of a soft triangular shape with the widest part behind his belly being about 9" wide and it has side seams and a seam under his belly to make it full. His legs are approximately 11" to the bottom of his paws. His arms are also the same length approximately and are curved to create the appearance of paws. Over all, Rosie is in very good condition although worn from use.

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Jan 18, 2018
by: Marilyn

Hi. I am the owner of this bear and he is not grey, but a dull brown. Just wanted to clarify that. Thanks, Marilyn

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