Rudish Bear

by Sharon

My Forward bear

My Forward bear

I must apologise first off for this bear and I hope I do not offend anyone who reads this. In fact I should be apologising for my boyfriend who bought me this bear.

Rude bear came from the bear Factory inside the world famous toy shop "Hamleys" in London. My boyfriend thought it would be a lovely idea to make me a bear as a gift, lovely idea so far but Andy being Andy meant that he had to be a little cheeky too.

The bear was duly made and a lovely bomber jacket chosen for him to wear and then came time for the special message voice box to be recorded. This is where Andy my boyfriend added his own special message to me, ready?

Andy found a quiet corner of the shop and spoke into the recording voice box with the romantic words "Fancy a shag" (sorry everyone). Now my bear when ever picked up and squeezed utters these loving words, luckily seven years on I am still with Andy. It may have been rather awkward other wise trying to explain to someone else why I had still kept rude bear.

I would like to say though that Andy did have some embarrassment too himself which I think he duly deserved. As he paid for the bear in the shop the assistant pressed the bears tummy to see if everything was working just find and there right in the middle of this famous London shop my bear said rather loudly "Fancy A Shag"? I believe there was blushing all round. 

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