Salvation Teddy

by Amy
(Poughkeepsie, Ny)

Tatty Teddy Bear

Tatty Teddy Bear


First I would like to say I dont know much about vintage teddies. My Dad recieved this teddy bear from the salvation army when he was only 1years old, making this bear over 60yrs old
He is 17 inches long with jointed limbs. His head is not jointed. I believe his original eyes were glass but I cannot recall the color. He already had one of them replaced by a button when my dad passed it down to me. His claws and nose where stiched on. He has cardboard in his paws. I am unsure of what kind of stuffing is use, but he has a firm feel to him. He seems to have a seam that goes down his belly. From the information that I found on this website I suspect he maybe a Chiltern. Only thing is that his limbs are shorter than what I have seen in pictures for that type of bear. I want to send him to a Teddy hospital to be restored, but I wanted to know more details about him before I do that, so any help would be much appreciated.


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