Schuco Bear - Compact Bear or Not?

Schuco Bear - Compact or not?

Schuco Bear - Compact or not?

Hello! Thank in advance for opinions. I have a Schuco bear. He is 3.5" tall, mohair, jointed - looks just like the perfume and compact bears. When I take his head off it does not have either the glass vial nor the lipstick. Rather, it has a kind of notched metal cylinder. It does not appear to swing open (although I haven't forced it). It is either just part of the bear's frame (in other words, it is NOT a cosmetic bear) or it is a compact or other type of novelty bear that looks different, is missing some part or is rare.

Thanks for feedback.

Black bead eyes
Stitched black thread nose and mouth (inverted Y).
Fluffy mohair coat - most closely resembles the cinnamon color, but may be golden or brown
Has original silk ribbon in orange

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