Scottish Rescue Bear

by Karl

scottish teddy bear

scottish teddy bear

Our rescent rescue of jock as been quite intriguing as to his age and origin. He appears to be very old, made from mohair (very sparse), I think he has been stuffed with woodwool, feels strawlike which has shifted from the top of his arms,his body is quite stocky and he has a slight hump on his back,he has long straight arms with no paw pads, his feet have no paw pads either. He is jointed but one of his legs has been stitched on, as has his head, his head has a wide appearance at the top and he has a long snout, very unusual stitching on the nose, on top and underneath with no stitching on the tip of the snout this is black wool, not sure if this is original or has been done by the original owner but appears to have been done a long time ago. He has glass eyes but again can't be sure if they are original. His ears have been reattached, one lower than the other. Even though

he appears to be very old and a little damaged as stated above he is looking quite cute. His surface areas are the same brown colour mohair but darkened over time. He measures approximately fourteen inches long from the top of his head to the back of his heels. His snout as I mentioned before is quite long and is slightly upturned which maybe through the filling having moved, it does feel scrunchy when squeezed but quite sparse in the nose. I cannot feel anything in the tummy like a growler or a squeezer, nor has he got anything in his tummy that clunks about when moved as some of my other bears have. I have many old bears and bear identification books but have never seen any like him, he has obviously been well loved over time and will continue to be here, even if the manufacturer cannot be identified I would like to know the country he came from if possible. I have seen miniature bears with no paw pads but never one this size, it may be an indicator by someone with more knowledge than me who manufactured bears in this way, I would love to know. We only acquired him this week when visiting a small antique shop up in Edinburgh, we would really appreciate your expert opinion on our new friend,

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