Search for multicolor pastel teddy bear 1999/2000

by Crystal

Picture of the bear and my brother (2002)

Picture of the bear and my brother (2002)

My bear, Techno, was a gift from my dad on the day i was born. He bought him from a claw machine at the hospital and we've had him ever since. He used to be very fluffy with long pastel fur. It's hard to tell or remember now (I'm currently 20) but his fur used to be white with green, pink and possibly yellow patches in pastel shades. He's got brown eyes with black on the inside and a brown nose. The closest bears I've found are Beanie Buddies, specifically the peace bear. However, mine doesn't have a symbol or anything on it. I was born in August of 2000, so I'm assumimg this bear was made sometime in 1999 or early 2000. I'd love to be able to see a version in nice condition and maybe even buy one if possible. I've found one of the only old photos I know about with him in it and also included picture of him now.

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