Seeking Information About My Panda Teddy

by Thomas Fife
(Tyrone, GA)

Panda teddy

Panda teddy

My mother gave me this bear as an easter present when I was two in 1968. He was my companion for many years until I "out grew him". Fortunately my mother saved him and many years later when my son Connor was celebrating his second Easter my mother presented him to his new owner. My son who is now seven refers to him as "our teddy". Old Ted is a panda and is in need of some loving restoration. His stitching is still tight but he is care worn and his nose is missing and his stuffing is bunching up leaving his joints a bit wobbly. I am going to send him off to a teddy bear hospital so that hopefully he will be around years from now so that my boy can share him with a future child. I would like to know who he manufacturer was so that I might possibly restore his mouth and nose. The label is long gone but was sewn into the seam of his left leg. Any help would be appreciated!

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Oct 06, 2016

by: Kate

What a great looking bear. I haven't seen one quite like him before. lets hope someone can help you find out more about him.

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