Sheddy Teddy

by Jane
(Liverpool UK)

Hello! Here's a little story of what happened today. My sister moved into her new home this week. I was helping her with unpacking today and we were in her back bedroom. I looked out and on the garden shed roof I could see a teddy. My husband got the step ladder and using a clothes prop we managed to get the teddy down. He was in an awful state, he'd actually been frozen onto the roof. Completely frozen all through . Dirty and covered in black mound. He had such a lovely face though, I just couldn't let him go. I put him in a bag and brought him home to my house. I ran a large sink full of warm soapy water and with some liquid soap on a cloth started to clean him up. In all we went through 6 sinks full of filthy water, on the final rinsing the water was running clear and after a nice final rinse in fabric conditioner he had a quick twirl in the spin dryer. He's currently lounging on the radiator and looking 100% better. I need to do a little restoration work with his features, paw threads etc. He's just lovely. I'll post pics when he's all done with a lovely bow in place.

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