Sixty Year Old teddy Bear

by Anne

Sixty Year Old teddy Bear

Sixty Year Old teddy Bear

My bear is 60 years old. He is made of mohair, I think, and stuffed with straw. I fot him when I was 2 and my mother thinks he had some kind of button in his ear, which she removes in case I swallowed it. He has been kept in a pillow case, so is in pretty good condition, considering. He needs sewing on his shoulder and his paws are a bit worn but apart from that he still has his own eyes and doesn’t wear glasses.

He doesn’t have a name funnily enough. I don’t even remember playing with him as a child but I have kept him and he has travelled from the UK To Spain and back again during my various moves. He currently lives in Malaga and enjoys the warm climate , as it’s good for his old bones.

I have not passed him down to my own children and think it’s now time for him to go to a collector, who will be able to enjoy him. He would make a great house guest, as he eats anything. He has been protected by mothballs, which he didn’t like initially, until I changed them for lavander ones, which seem to be OK.

If I cannot sell him, I may give him to my grandsons. He might like to play with him.

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