Small 6" Tan Jointed Bear With Interesting Eyes

by Ann W.
(New Carlisle, Ohio, United States)

Small 6

Small 6" Tan Jointed Bear

This is a small 6" light tan/beige bear with jointed arms and legs. It has a movable head that spins 360° at the neck. Body is firm. No tags. Looks vintage. Has interesting eyes. I do not know much about teddy bears so I am not aware if these type of eyes are common. They feel like plastic but may be glass. The middle of the eye looks like there was an instrument inserted inside of it (from the back of the eye) to create a hollow section for the iris / middle of the eye. Or it could be something just inserted and still there in the middle of the eye. See photos. The nose is black and the nose stitching appears horizontal. Any information about this bear would be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much :)

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