Small bear.

by Robin
(Cleveland Ohio USA)

I have had this bear for 60 years. It is quite scruffy and discolored. It is about 6 inches high and sits about 4 inches. The arms and legs are movable. Both arms move at the same time as well as the legs. It looks like it was originally blonde in color. The ear on one side seems to be bigger than the one on the other side. Also the same with the eyes. The eyes are glass? With the pupils being dark. The nose looks like it’s done with a dark (maybe brown) heavy thread and the mouth is attached to the nose with a upside-down smile like a frown) the attachment to the nose is like a continuation of the same stitch? Not separate. There is a red tongue but it looks like it’s under what would be the chin. It is also on the same side as the bigger ear and eye. The bear is stitched down the middle of the top of the head then stops.There is no stitching down the Back. The back to be a complete piece. The ears are stitched from the head to the bottom earlobe.. It is the same with the feet. (bottom stitched) at the foot and continues to the hip. The arms stitched underneath to front/end of the paws.There are rusty looking ( brads ) or maybe a heavy wire for the arm movement. The same as with the legs but not as prominent. There is no tail. There are no markings (as I can tell) There is a bit of protruding at the top back of the head. The material seems to be a fur but is matted and (not long) The bears body seems stiff so it may be stuffed with a straw material.
The one leg and the arm are longer on the one side of the bear. The same side as the bigger eye and ear. It seems to be very lopsided. Definitely uneven. Also the what would be the pupil is dark where the smaller eye pupil is clear. Two different eyes. The arms moves all the way up to the head where as the legs have far less mobility. The stitching down the bears belly is off side. (not straight down the middle) It is almost like 2 different sides/sizes of a bear stitched together.

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