Small, flat 1980s bear with apple on white bib

by Megan Cotugno
(Redondo Beach, CA, USA)

1980's bear

1980's bear

Thank you in advance for reading this posting!

My sister Emily was given multiple, identical little teddy bears when she was born in 1982. They were all well loved and all but one was lost along the way. We'd now like to identify her beloved bear so that we can hopefully buy at least one more. Our mom just had major surgery and has a long road to recovery, and we'd love to give her one of these small teddy bears as a comfort item.

My sister named her little bear "Camilla" after the pet chicken that Gonzo had on the show The Muppets. Emily always maintained that her little teddy bear was actually a chicken stuck in a teddy bear costume.

I'm not sure it's relevant, but Emily was born in New Hampshire.

Unfortunately we really don't know any details such as materials that would be helpful in identifying the bear. We did a reverse image search on Google, but nothing of use came back. We also tried Googling keywords, but we kept coming up with Freddy Teddy, which this bear definitely is not.

"Camilla" used to have small, white tag attached to her side, but the tag is long gone. Maybe it had identifying information, but we really don't know. Emily was a thumb sucker growing up and used to loop her thumb through the tag and rub it for comfort when she was little. Our mom sewed a replacement pink tag onto "Camilla," so the tag that you see in the picture is not original. Everything else in the photo is original, and while I haven't seen very many childhood toys such as this, the bear seems to be in fairly decent condition after 34 years. I think the bear was always sort of flat like it is now, and never had truly plush hair. I could be wrong, though.

The bear was likely not very expensive, although we don't know how much it retailed for when it was purchased. The monetary value here is of course not what is important to us; this bear is highly sentimental (as I'm sure most of the bears to be identified on this site are!)

I'm not sure what else to say about the little bear that would be helpful. I would be happy to give more information to anyone who has questions. I can be reached at Thank you again!

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