Small leopard cub teddy

by Caitlin

The teddy forward

The teddy forward

Hi. I was given a small leopard cub teddy as a gift from my nan and I was wondering how to find out its age. Its around 15cm tall. Both its eyes and its nose are black beads that are quite uneven on the face. It has rough short furr and pretty light colours of brown black and white for the markings. It's nose is quite sunken into its head and it doesn't have any kind or snout. The original tag was on the bottom of its leg but was cut off. Its limbs are quite short and stuck out forward and slightly angled outwards. It's ears are quite squished into its head and its tail is also quite pressed in. It has a couple whiskers. I'm not sure what it's made out of but it's reasonably squishy. I don't think hitting that word caap is possible and that's all I've got. I'm simply looking for an age off the teddy of a maker. Thanks if u bothered reading

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