Small sweet "FAMILIAR B" bear

by Rolanda Keene
(Englewood, FL, USA)



Hi, I live in Florida and am the daughter of retired Air Force. I happened upon your site while trying to find information on a small bear I have. I have done Google image searches and tag name searches and have found nothing on this little guy. I got my bear from an Asian exchange student while living in Hawaii as a young girl. To the best of my knowledge it was around the late 60's early 70's. He is 6" ear to foot and 5 1/2" paw to paw. He a has a small doubled over tag on his left leg that has in capitals FAMILIAR B. He is more flat and foamy than round and fluffy. I have never seen another like him and couldn't find any info on the tag FAMILIAR B. I treasure him because it was a wonderful childhood friendship but did not keep in touch with this person. I would love more information on the bear mostly out of curiosity and hope the bear lovers out there will have some ideas or identification for me. He has mostly been displayed and stored in a chest. He has some areas of thinning fur and I can see the orange foam barely peeking through. I am uploading pictures to help with the identification. He has very faint pale white stitched threading in the shape of a bib around his neck with a bow in the back with pink tassels and 4-5 pink dots on the front. His eyes, nose and mouth are a stitched dark brown thread with 2 eye lashes. His ears have a pale yellow material on them and stitched light brown half circles. His head has small cheek curves. He makes no noises and his foam inside seems to be in very good condition. There are no stitching on any other parts of his body. He is machine made and not handmade. But his details seem very individual. He is unstained and no tears. I am not at all familiar with any stuffed bears or collecting or researching. I also don’t know anyone that collects bears or knows information on them. Hopefully the information I have given and the pictures I will upload can help find out more info or origin of my bear. If anyone needs more information I will be happy to provide it. Thank you in advance for any help and time you put in to finding some I.D. for my bear. I appreciate people taking the time to help.

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