Small, tan-gray childhood bear

by Kimberly

Front view

Front view

This bear simply named “Teddy.” He belongs to my 13-year-old daughter, I have no information on where he came from or who gave him to her. She’s had him all her life. He came home with us from the hospital and possibly could have been a gift from the hospital. My daughter was born in February of 2007 at Medical City in Dallas, Texas. He used to come everywhere with her. His head is now floppy with no stuffing in the neck. His head is still completely stuffed. The stuffing in the beginning of his arms and legs and also floppy. The stuffing in his body has formed into separate lumps. He is very durable and held his shape. He is roughly 8 inches tall and a faded tan-gray color. He used to be a more defined tan but faded with time. His paws, feet, and muzzle were originally a lighter color. His nose and mouth were originally stitched in a shiny gold thread with a smile that is now gone. The stitching on his nose wore down over time to reveal a brown fabric underneath. His arms are roughly 4.5 inches long and his legs 3.5 inches. Neither have any paw pads. His ears and tail are small 1inch pieces of fabric with no stuffing inside, although the tail seems to be thicker and harder than the ears. He has a large head and plump body, the head being 3.5 inches and the body being 4 inches. His muzzle protrudes about an inch away from his head. The muzzle is uneven and has a diagonal end, being longer at the top than the bottom. His fur is very short and thin, almost curly. His eyes are asymmetrical and directly stitched onto his fur in black thread with white dots facing left. His stomach protrudes down past the stitching line of his legs. He has the remnants of a tag on his left-hand behind. He has a very kind and soft face and overall feeling to him. He means so much to my daughter and she’s always wanted to know where he came from. I’ve added and much info as I have on him. I hope someone recognizes the little guy and can tell us where he came from!

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