Small teddy bear I've always had.

by Janine
(Eureka, CA. USA)

Small teddy bear

Small teddy bear

My small teddy 8-9" has always been with me, but I don't know where he's from. He's got an "Original Teddy-Steiff" around the outside, then "Original Marker" on the paper tag on his chest. The back of the marker says "Mottenecht Durch Bayer" then it has the word Eulan in the middle with what looks like a hand behind it. He has a rather frayed yellow bow around his neck. He still has his ear marker. The button covers a word, then below that, it says Steiff. Below that, there is a number, really faded, but I think it's 3202419, then the words Made in Germany, then preis_price. On the back, it says cotton, wool, foam, rubber. Below that is:PA 55, then on the second line, it says MASS 73. It then describes the covering. 51% wool and 49% cotton. He's in pretty good shape (see attached picture). The yellow bow is about the only thing showing his age. In the pictures, he's standing next to regular size teacups, to give you a better idea of his size. Like I said, he's always been with me, but no idea where he came from. My grandparents emigrated from Portugal, so I sort of assumed he came with them, but not really sure. Any ID someone can pass along would be really appreciated.

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