Small Teddy Bear Who Made Him

by Jillian Alexander
(San Antonio, Texas United States)

Small teddy bear

Small teddy bear

I have this little teddy bear, he’s about four inches tall. I’ve had him for a long time, he doesn’t have any tags so I can’t find anything and it’s really hard to find information on him when I don’t really know what type of bear he is or the company that produces these bears. I’m pretty sure he isn’t an antique so I’m not really trying to sell him I’m just trying to find out who produces him. The only unique thing about him is he has a little bell inside his torso that jingles when he’s shaked or moved. His arms legs and toroso are filled with beads but his head of stuffed. I’m interested because I want to purchase bears similar to him to give to my friends as gifts because he’s such a big hit among all my friends. He’s quite the little character I’ll give him that. He’s all white with black eyes and a little black nose.

If anyone knows what the company is or anything and if this particular type of Bear is discontinued, please let me know, thanks a ton!

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