Small white bear with fluffy wand

by barbara
(Dublin, Ireland)

teddy with wand

teddy with wand

My bear has been around at least 58 years because I remember him all of my life. He always sat on our Christmas tree and was put away each year in a box in the attic with the rest of the decorations. This probably ensured his survival in relatively good condition.

He is about 13cm tall, is jointed and appears to be made of a coarse wool fabric in an off white colour. He has amber coloured glass eyes. There are fragments of black paw pads on his feet which may have been just stuck on. His ears are a little frayed suggesting that they were not edged/stitched originally. Inside the ears the woven reverse of the woolly fabric is visible.

He holds in his paw a stick with a red and yellow fluffy thread "mop" head. The stick itself appears to be plastic and is embedded in his paw.

I have failed through on-line searches to find another bear with a wand or mop like his. As he has been a feature of my life I would love to find out something about him. I have no idea where he came from and how he came into our house. He wasn’t new when we got him as I always remember him the way he is now.
I would appreciate all information and suggestions.
Many thanks

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