Spike,once a much loved dogs favourite toy.

by Jess Gardner

Spike the teddy bear

Spike the teddy bear

This is Spike. Spike was bought by me and for me off eBay. However, when my little X terrier dog Sid spotted him he instantly fell in love and claimed him as his own. Over the years Spike was flung about the living room,hidden down the couch and tucked up in a dog bed with Sid our lovely little dog. Sid began to get old and started to get grumpy but still Spike was his favourite toy. Sid never once chewed Spike like he did his other toys. Finally the time came in n August this year (2018) for us to say goodbye to Sid. He became sick,tired all the time,extra grumpy and an uncomfortable lump grew in his mouth. He went to sleep forever on the 7th August and my heart is broken forever. Now Spike has become my favourite toy, a sort of comforter after losing Sid. He wears a piece of Sid's bandana around his kneck and a nice blue knitted cardigan. His legs are a bit floppy from the days he was chucked about the living room. Theses days Spike loves to travel and he's currently in Nepal. Funny how bears can comfort us even when we're 48.

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