by Karola Winter
(Croydon UK)



Teddy Edward is a 16" high bear with auburn brown hair. He originated in Bavaria and is 68 years old. He has a lighter coloured nose, palms and feet and glass eyes. I have had him since my birth and he has travelled all over with me, ie Germany, Ireland, Italy, USA and back to the UK. He is in very very good condition and all his stitching is intact. He squeaks when you lightly press his back but other than that, has no distinguishing features. He still has both his eyes and all his hair. Unfortunately I cannot remember him ever having a label of any kind so I have no idea of his heritage.

He has been a treasured pet and has been well looked after and loved. I am only l selling him as I need the money. I would like to find him a new home where he will be loved and appreciated. I will be very sad to part with him but feel that he should now find a new home.

If you can tell me anything about him or know who may want to adopt this lovely bear, please let me know.

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