Steiff Bear

by Shannon Bjerke
(Alvin, Texas, USA)



Hello. I know this is a Steiff Bear as it has the pin in the ear, but I was trying to date it. I'm new to bear researching so had no idea who to contact regarding it. The bear was given to me as a baby (1971) by my Grandmother (from Germany) but I don't know if it was brand new or a hand-me-down. She is no longer alive so I cannot ask. The bear is is approximately 8.5" long (6.5" when sitting), 7" wide (paw to paw). It no longer has the claw threads on the feet but everything else appears in order. The eyes are Black/brown so I know that probably signifies after 1913 when it became standard. The arms and legs move, along with the head. It is a light cream color with yellowish feet pads and brown threads for the nose and mouth. There is no other identifying tag on it except the ear pin which I have included a picture of. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you and have a blessed day!

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