Steiff Knopp bear

by Jocelyn Dwyer
(Hewitt Texas)

The tag is ripped off but you can tell it’s a knopp

The tag is ripped off but you can tell it’s a knopp

I got this bear back in 2016 as a Christmas present, and I wanted to find out where I could buy a revamped version of it. The bear is white, with black eyes nose and mouth. On the right foot there’s a couple gold music notes sewn onto it. All 4 of the limbs move, as well as the head turns 360. The fur on it is white, and fluffy. On the feet the pads of the feet and pads of the hands are white flat and smooth textured. on the back there’s a knob, and if you turn it , it plays a song. There is indeed a music box on the inside of the bear I know that for a fact. I added 4 pictures to help describe the bear, I included the tag, the golden notes on the foot, the knob on the back for the music box, and a full picture of the front.

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