swillpuppy My teddy Bear

by William Puckett
(Columbus Ne. USA)



My Teddy is two toned white and tan with Amber glass eyes and a hand stitched nose. He has brown paws and feet and black stitched toes with a simulated patch on the bottom of his right foot.
He has a hand stitched smile but his smile is somewhat offset like he’s sort of smerking.
His arms and legs can rotate. It feels as if there are wooden discs in the joints. It feels like maybe sheepskin for his fur. He is 15 inches tall and it feels like he may have straw or paper or something for his stuffing it’s not soft like foam or cotton.
He’s old for sure I can tell that. I’m just trying to find out where and when he was made.
It also looks like he was hand stitched. On his foot pads you can see the hand stitching.

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