Tag says 1975 copyriight

by Carrie
(Lockport IL)

Light brown fur. Brown eyes. About 12 inches tall
Tag is hard to read. Looks like 2 tents or 2 mountains on it I see inc. On it and valley.it is not jointed does anyone know the brand? I don't know if it had clothes or anything. The mouth looks like it's sad. I just don't know if I should keep it, pitch it or sell it. That is why I'm looking for some information on this teddy bear. I have a few other stuffed animals and dolls that I'm looking for information on. I know Teddy Hermann made teddy bears but I have a fox and am looking for information on that too. I may post that later. Ant help will be greatly appreciated. I'm excited about the possibility of getting answer and am looking forward to checking out the other posts.

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