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by Jeanette

photo of the Nose

photo of the Nose

This is a 9 inch tall golden brown Teddy Bear with a narrow green ribbon around its neck. The ribbon is original. There is one tag it does not have a company or brand name. It does say on one side Pure Wool,in nice Cursive writing that is the same color green as the ribbon. The other side is written in traditional Chinese language, in Red. In translation it says Pure Sheep's Wool. (I verified the translation)

The arms and legs move,with a nice soft fabric and stitching on paws and hands. Both original materials. The eyes are a Yellow Gold color with black pupils,I believe there are glass. The nose is made of a hard black plastic of some kind and has a undeniable point to it.
The nose has a very small amount of texture and indentations where nostrils would be.
I know the prior owner if the property was in WWll from a portrait that is in a collectible Antique frame,which I also have.
That's all I know about it. The Bear is in very,very good conditio with no hair loss no holes or repaired areas. The ribbon is fraying a little on one piece that extends from ribbon being tied.
I'm looking for value and any information about who produced it.
Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

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