by Taylor

Hi there my name is taylor!

I got this lamb teddy in the hospital when I was born. I named her lambie haha. Her tag is cut off so I don’t know what brand she is. I always thought she was a Beanie baby but I’m starting to second guess myself. I was searching to buy a new one for my kids one day and can’t find her anywhere! I found a small beanie baby lamb called “fleecie” and ordered her but she is very very small and not the same. My lamb is all white, longer hair on body and smaller on her snout. She has pink threading for her mouth and black eyes. Her feet have beans as well as her mid body but her butt and head are stuffed. I would love to know what brand she is if anybody knows. I got her in the year 2000. The tag that was cut off is on her butt and was pink.
Thanks for any help in advance!!

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