Teddy Bear by a German Manufacturer in Sofia Bulgaria?

by Milkman
(Los Angeles)

The Teddy Bear

The Teddy Bear

Hello and thank you in advance for any help in discovering the year and manufacture of this vintage teddy bear.

The back story is my grandmother now 91 in 2015, developed the colored glass eye for the teddy bear replacing the boot button for a German Manufacturer, during the communist regime in Sofia Bugaria. Making it somewhere after 1945 but possibly sooner.

She would take disposed film cans pour acetone over them in a metal trash can and toss her cigarette in to strip them of their color.
My Grandma would then paint the backs of blown glass her sister -in- law would hand blow in her kitchen. The metal was used for the black center and a small wire creates the hook to be sewn onto the teddy bears.

Then they would dilever the eyes to the factory by foot located somewhere in Sofia.

The bear it self feels light , the arms and legs move and the chest seems to have a wooden block in the center. The filling kinda crunches when you squeeze the belly. And of course the eyes are colored glass. Also the bear comes with a gold chain as if it a leash. Not sure if that was added by someone i

See attached photos of the bear and hand made bear eyes

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