Teddy Bear Found at a thrift store

by Tamara Evans
(Wilmington, Delaware )

old thrift store teddy bear

old thrift store teddy bear

I found this old looking amazing bear at a thrift store near me. The one thing I loved about it was that it had movable arms and legs. The other thing that attracted me to this old fellow, was that it had a humpback. I cannot gong any markings on him. I believe that at one time there was either a tag of some sort either on his ear or even possibly on his chest?? He feels like he is stuffed with some sort of straw of some sort. I am trying to find out exactly where he is from or possibly who was his maker. I am also interested in finding out just how old he is! His eyes are not glass, but seem more of something else. They’re solid black and other ones I have seen have a more life like look. His nose and mouth are made of string. All his body parts are movable and that is including his head! He seems to be very old, not only because of his condition but just the way he looks! Please he

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