Teddy Bear found in an OP Shop

by Vanessa Hart
(Collie WA)

I found this Teddy Bear in an OP Shop 2 years ago. I really liked Teddies and found this one to be unusual I've had it sitting on a cupboard since I bought it. It was only this year that a friend suggested I should see if it's a Paddington Bear as it looked like one. I didn't think too much of it and forgot about it. I recently caught up with that friend and he asked if I doing out any information. Unfortunately I had to tell him no. I am now trying to find out anything about this Bear. I'm not sure what sex it is but it has Tartan fabric. It sits with its legs hanging on a shelf. It's hands and feet are stuffed. It's eyes are small and dark, and it's ears are small as well. I have been through Google trying to find out about this Bear but no luck. Now I'm hoping I may get some answers here.

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