Teddy Bear From Across The Pond

by Shawn Butler
(Sandusky, Ohio USA)

Old teddy bear

Old teddy bear

Old teddy bear
Very old teddy bear


I recently purchase this little guy from across the big pond in Wisbech, England, United Kingdom, from antiques dealer. I am the Founder and Leading Curator for a small toy museum in Ohio. I specialize in the preservation, and exhibition of vintage toys.

Unfortunately, teddy bears are not my forte!

I sent an inquiry to another toy museum to see if they could help with identifying the bear, but they were unsuccessful.

The teddy bear is to be one of our key peices for our Antiques & Vintage Christmas Toy Exhibit in December, and i want to do a wonderful and extensive write up on the bear, for it will be the oldest peice on display.

The reason i fell in love with this teddy bear was because of its condition, and its age. The antique dearler had teddy dated 1910 to 1915. So i know this bear has seen a lot!

If teddy could talk, i wonder what kind of story he would tell. A story full of sorrow, or a story full of love and laughter, or maybe both.

The only additional information about teddy was that he has metal shoe button eyes, fully metal jointed, stuffed, and with mohair.
I asked the antiques dealer if they could share any additional information about the bear. Where did it come from, how did they obtain it, and most important who was the manufacturer.

They have not replyed!

I am unable to find any information or pics to compair the bear too. I have spent countless hours surfing the web, and calling local historians to see if they may be able to help.

Can you help me further identify my bear with the manufacturer and acurate date.

Shawn Butler

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Oct 23, 2018
Van Gelden
by: Deb

Hi, your bear looks a lot like Dutch teddy bears made by the Arthur van Gelden company?

Jun 18, 2018
Teddy Bear From Across The Pond
by: Shawn

Hello all, I have great news! I recently found out some interesting information about my teddy bear. The Antique Dealer informed me that this teddy bear belong to a woman who has since long past, was from Germany! It belong to the woman since 1922 and she had it in her possession till she past away near her home in Newton, UK. As a child her and her family left Hamburg, Germany and moved to the united Kingdom to start a new life. The teddy bear indeed has seen a lot of trials and tribulations. Its seen the tail end of World War I and survived World War II. I am so happy that the Antique Dealer from Wisbech,UK was able to supply me with this information.

Thank you all for reading my story!
Shawn Butler Yesteryear Funland

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