Teddy Bear From Bosnia

by Alen Duspara
(Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

jointed old teddy bear

jointed old teddy bear

My name is Alen and I am from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I bought this teddy bear on local Sunday flea market

Teddy Bear has brown lips. On touch he is stiffed, hard. His head, arms and legs are really movable (rotating). His heigh is 26cm or 10.24". Unfortunately, there is no tag on him. The colour is brownish and white. Nose is sewed (it's not button, while his eyes are like two buttons) and his ears are up.

I would like to know which company made this fella and which year or at least approx. in which decade he is made (it seems old to me). Also, in this condition what would be his value.


First I would say that his value would be very little may be between £10 and £30. I say this because there are very few bears that are worth any real money plus his condition is rather poor. he has lost his fur and I suspect that his nose and mouth have been repaired over the years.

I have looked through my books and I cannot make a match. All I would say is that if his eyes are not plastic and he is filled with woodwool or similar then he is likely to have been made before the 1950's.

He is a lovely old bear though.

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