teddy bear from Durban, South Africa

teddy bear from Durban, South Africa.

teddy bear from Durban, South Africa.

I would like to find out more about a teddy bear that has been in our family for over 20 years and purchased from a 2nd hand shop in Durban, South Africa. It appears to be made of mohair. The label stitched into the back says Bear Facts by Shirley. There is also a note attached to the arm that looks like a gift tag. On the front of the note is a faded white outline of a bear and inside is a handwritten note which reads "Hi there. My name is Grandpa Joe. Would you like to come to a drive in my Bentley!" The bear is wearing a mustard coloured cap with red trim, a lighter shade mustard coloured shirt with a collar that fastens with tiny pressed studs. Over the shirt is a red, mustard and blue chequered waistcoat with two red buttons and a matching bow tie. The pants colour matches that of the cap. The shoes are brown leather with laces but there are no soles on the bottom of the shoes. He is also wearing gold rimmed spectacles

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