Teddy Bear From My Great Grandmother

by Tramaine



I inherited this bear when I was a child, around 1998/99 from my great-grandmother’s friend who passed away at 94/95 years old. The lady who passed it down to me (Vi) claimed that she had this bear as a child - if that is true, it would have been made in the 1900’s or 1910’s. However, I remember my mother taking it to be valued not long after she passed away and the gentleman in the shop said that it was made in the 1950’s so it is possible (given her age) that she confused it with a bear she once had.

I will attach some pics of the bear to this thread for closer inspection of the bear. I cannot find any stitching that gives the impression of repair or modification, however I understand that features such as the eyes and tongue could have been added at some point. The bear also has a mechanism inside that when tapped (on the bear’s back) makes a hiccuping sound.

Thank you!


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