Teddy Bear In Search Of Any Information

by WindyChamlies

old teddy bear

old teddy bear

I received the bear from a friend who inherited the bear and many other items from a family member that adopted a little Russian girl in the 1920's. The Russian girl - Sonya ( which is her name she was given by the American Social Worker that adopted her) was living in America with her family who all died from Tuberculosis except for her and her father. Sonya, was born in Russia and her family moved to America sometime in the early 1920's. She was 5 years old when she was found barely alive in an apartment in New York where her mother was dead and her 2 siblings were also dead. The only ones alive were her, her father and her baby sister (who later passed away at the hospital within a few days of being found). The adoption papers and welfare reports were in the same box as the teddy bear along with a brief history of little-known details regarding the family arriving in America. It does not state whether the bear belonged to Sonya prior to the adoption or if was possibly a gift to her by her new adoptive mother. I have all the documents also. The bear is 15" in length, the arms are 6" from shoulder joint to tip, the legs are 6.5" from hip to toe, the head is 4" from neck to top, and 6" wide from ear to ear, the body is 6.5" length from neck to leg joints and is 4" wide. The bear is caramel brown with tan on the inner parts of ears, tan snout, tan palms and bottom of feet are tan. It has glass eyes and a black plastic nose. There is no mouth that I can see. The stitching is caramel brown thread. The inside is possibly wool however, I am not sure of that. The bear has moveable arms and neck and legs. There are no tags or labels. I am trying to help the bear find out about his past and where he is from. Would also like approximate value.

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