Teddy Bear with a crooked smile

Possibly and early American teddy Bear

Possibly and early American teddy Bear

Perhaps father's bear? He was born in 1921, in Washington DC. He spent some of his childhood in England and some on the East coast and some more in one of the Dakotas. His parents did spend some time on the continent in the twenties. Fairly wealthy family for the time. I think Dad spent some time in England with a nanny(???)

Bear has amber eyes with black pupils, ears set at sides of head, a crooked smile, five joints. There is evidence of claw markings on his bottom paws, but the covering on his upper paws was replaced. He has a seam down the front and the back. No tail. His stuffing is crackly and hard. The length of his arms/legs are not extended.

I am curious as to where he was made, and when.

Does anyone have a similar looking bear and can advise what make this bear could be. Could be and American company or even English depending on when the bear was actually given.

Sounds like he is stuffed with wood wool and has evidence of claws which makes him an early bear type. Possibly a bear made by the American company called Knickerbocker. See my page here https://www.totallyteddybears.com/american-teddy-bear.html

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