Teddy Bear With A Middle Seam and Growler

by Angela

Big Old teddy bear

Big Old teddy bear

im sorry i dont really know much about this bear it just cried out to me in a second handshop. The head seems to be straw filled as do the body as its quite crunchy it is fully jointed there seems to be something hard inside the back!at the joints there seems to be circular hoops all joints do move but the head is a bit wobbly as i think its went down into the torso as it has a really weird shape if you shake it a bit it makes a funny noise there's not much more that i can say as this is my first time buying a teddy like this i really haven't a clue also i think his nose is missing sorry for jumping all over the place with description as i've never done this before.thank you if you decide to take the time to help me.

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