teddy bear with green bow need replacement urgently

by Sophie
(Cambridge, UK)

teddy bear with green bow

teddy bear with green bow

Hello there, I am desperate to know where my teddy is from! He was purchased in 1997 and gifted to me by my father when I was born. His name is Ted and as a kid I took him absolutely everywhere with me, he never left my side, I wouldn't sleep without him, I wouldn't go on holiday without him! I would just love to see if the place he was from still sells any similar teddy or even the same one!

My dad is unsure of whether he was purchased in Cambridge or London but he has no labels or any branding on any of his feet or arms. The reason I want to find another that's the same is because I have recently gone through a large trauma and my Fiancé is currently in hospital paralysed, Ted has come out and is back on my bed and I really am finding a lot of comfort in him. I would love to be able to purchase a similar one for my fiancé while we're apart and he is in Hospital so that the ted can hopefully provide him some comfort too!

Ted has a fairly small velvet green bow, glass eyes and a brown sewn nose and mouth. I would love more than anything if someone can find him!

Thank you so much!

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