Teddy Bear

by Tim
(Ontario Canada)

Dark brown teddy Bear

Dark brown teddy Bear

The Teddy Bear that I have is of Dark Brown with Tan ears and paws. It's head is Hand sewn on to the body, it also has a steel Black nose and its eyes are black as well in color . It stands twelve inches in height and probably about 4 to 5 inches wide. There is no visible markings on the paws or ears that i can see. I came a pond this at a Auction back home here in Canada.I bought a box lot of nothingness and i come to find this in the box in a bag near the bottom of the box.I have not cleaned it up or anything. I would love to find anything close to this Bear i have. for I have looked on many sites and to no avail i have struck out to find anything close to what i have. in fact I have not found any teddy Bears with steel black noses with steel black eyes.too me its looks like one from the first world war era or maybe earlier.

I would love to have more info on this and I have submitted 4 photo's as well to this blog. please email at tim_mckinnon40@hotmail.com

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