Teddy in a Shadow Box

by Patty Myers
(Charlotte, NC)

Biggie in his Shadow Box of Honor

Biggie in his Shadow Box of Honor

This Teddy Bear belonged to my husband, Bill, now deceased. He would have been 68 this year. His family lived in Nashville, Tn and his parents were both raised in Virginia. His mom was a notoriously good housekeeper and had taken excellent care of the bear. When we were expecting our first born, she gave us Biggie and I got the idea that he would look distinguished in a shadow box lined in baby blue dotted swiss and hung in Christopher's room. He did, and our son went through numerous blankets and dozens of animals while Biggie retained his place of honor on the wall in the nursery. The shadow box was professionally put together and the bear placed in it just as he was when handed to us by Bill's Mom. Biggie still has the original ribbon around his neck and the original tag on his side. Although the tag is split down the middle, you can read "Animals of Distinction". Having placed Biggie in the shadow box 36 years ago actually helped to further preserve him through the years. His most fascinating feature to me is his striped amber eyes. I've never seen eyes like that on another stuffed animal. They look so real and intriguing. Our Son and his wife have not had children, instead rescuing many animals of assorted types. Kind of like his assortment of stuffed animals that used to surround him on his bed, but alive. Since there isn't a nursery for Biggie to grace, I'd love for him to find a new home, one that would appreciates yesteryear and the heart of a little boy and his love and devotion to his soft and cuddly little bear. Please help me identify his origin as well as his value. And find him once again in a place of honor!

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