Thanks in advance!

by Penelope
(Vancouver BC Canada)

I have these 2 guys, and I know nothing about bears. They are both 23-24 inches (big boys) the darker dude is heavy and his fur is kinda ruff, prickly. I think it is metal discs for his head and limbs.
He is missing eyes but he's in good shape, his paws seem to have been updated.
The blonde guy. He is been quite loved his fur is
Wearing and he has stitching on his right shoulder. He also has metal discs at the head and limbs . He is lighter and softer but his body is dence with a crackling when you squeeze him. Both have pointed snouts but the blonde has a very pointed snout.
Any information is appreciated.
I saved these two from being thrown out. I don't know about bears but I know they are too special for the land fill.

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